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The Lariat Chronicles Chapter 1

Posted by adrenalineprowrestling on June 22, 2011 at 11:25 PM Comments comments (4)


First I’d like to welcome each and everyone one of you to what will be the most interesting, well written and meaningful piece of writing you will read in your life time. In case you live under a rock and don’t know who this is we are Team Lariat. My name is "1981’s Finest" Marcus Holiday and along with my tag team partner "JoeDozer" Joey Anderson we are the most must see tag team in wrestling today. APW approached us about writing a "blog" for their little website, through much deliberation on TL’s part we decided that, even though below us, we will give the fans what they want. 

Now its time address a few issues, first is Mike D. I had the unfortunate task of wrestling this pink haired fruit on APW’s June 18th event. Since it’s become apparent that APW is trying to hold IHOP down at every turn, Mike D pulled out a cheap victory on myself, he goes on to win the battle royal thus gets a shot at Derek Cornell. No matter how many times I play the match out in my head I for the life of me figure out how he pulled out the victory. The night wasn’t all a lose as Joey Anderson through nothing short of a wrestling clinic, got the pin fall on the crafty Asian David Clark. Since IHOP inception we have proven time and again that we control everything that is Adrenaline Pro Wrestling. No matter what obstacle are placed in our way we come out ahead and leave our opponents in the dust. The fans have seen it time and time again, they have all fallen, Jaysin Strife, Joey Ryan, Jeremy Jacobs, David Clark, Supafli, and the list is endless. Even those who have been on the opposite side of the ring from us now join our ranks; Brian Gott is a perfect example.  


As your tag team champions we have put the tag team division in APW on a pedestal that no other team can meet. With that being said let’s talk about the other teams…. where are they? Every time we turn around some former number one contender team has split and now is going to the single competition. This just shows you once you get a lariat you don’t come back for seconds. These titles are going to stay around our very fit and athletic waist until WE decide to give them back out of pity for the what remains of the roster. What’s in store for TL and IHOP you’ll have to be on hand July 30th to see what lariat based offenses we will commit. SHINE’N & LINE’N


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My Name is Jay Johnson,

I should let you know before I even begin that I am the Smile, the Style, and the Physical Profile of APW. And the fact that the monkies in APW management decided to have me write to YOU fans is downright ridiculous! Im above sharing my thoughts with you people. So against my best wishes let me, share my intermost feelings with you lovely people.

So in case you havn't noticed I have been sidelined with a spinal fracture which puts me out of action for the foreseeable future. Now don't start thinking that just because I'm hurt means I won't still make an impact here in APW. I proved that at the last show when I hit Kannundrum, or whatever her name is, with my back brace. She's just the first of many to learn the hard way of what it feels like to mess with the likes of Jay Johnson. See because the truth is, unlike most of you people, Im actually still working even though I'm sidelined. I'm learning everything from the best of the best, Derek Cornell.  Learning that I can make the same impact I was making if not a larger one. See, I'm actually competent enough to maximize my potential in any situation. And now since IHOP has added Brian Gott to its arsenal, pretty sure I'll be unstoppable in no time.

But enough about me, lets talk about something more important. Next month IHOP is disgraced because my mentor Derek has to wrestle the likes of Mike D. I dont know why he deserves a shot. He won a battle royal? Whoop-D-freakin-DOO! I've won battle royals before, why didnt I get a shot! Mike D is simply put, irrelavant. Derek wont have a problem handling him and remaining the APW champion. I know it. And theres not a thing you people can do about it.

I was also told to tell you to comment below with your "thoughts", and that I was supposed to "read" them. Psh, if I wanted my IQ to drop significantly Id hang out with you people more often. But go ahead, write something interesting. Make a joke, post you feeling about me. I dont care. Because at the end of the day....I'm still better than you!


Blogs Coming ASAP!

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Blogs written by your favorite Adrenaline Pro Stars Coing Immediataly after 6/18's Show